About Cinebug

Cinebug Camera Rentals is a family-owned, home-run, camera and camera accessory rental business, based off the A22 in Tandridge District, Surrey, in the United Kingdom. Opening in 2013, we introduced our clients to our personally-owned RED Scarlet and RED Epic camera systems, and provided these  along with other equipment and services  to numerous productions, from short films and music videos, to features and documentaries, catering towards young aspiring filmmakers, to students, all the way up to industry professionals.

We have over 20 collective years of technical and creative experience within the independent film and photographic industries, and pride ourselves in our passion and enthusiasm for the latest technological developments within these artistic worlds, as well as the very films and TV productions these tools assist in creating.

Our Services

Crewing Your

Whether you're looking for a Director of Photography, an Assistant Camera Operator, a Focus Puller, a Key Grip, a Digital Imaging Technician, a Clapper Loader, or even a Photographer; we have the tools -- we have the talent.


Whatever equipment you need for your production, we can source it for you and have it delivered to and collected from wherever you need (and at a trade-discount, too!), allowing you to concentrate on all that other stuff.

Your Footage

If you need your footage transcoded to something a little more NLE friendly, but don't have the time, computing power, or confidence to do it yourself, pick your codec flavour, and we'll sort out the rest.

For more information on our services, please e-mail us to discuss your needs, and we'll tailor you a quote!

Why Cinebug?

Because we're AWESOME, that's why! Seriously, though... We are excited to be in a position to assist you in achieving your visual best, AND to introduce the next generation of filmmakers to the industry’s newfangled, cutting edge, filmmaking equipment. Whether you are producing an independent labour of love, or have a large movie studio relying on you to deliver, Cinebug is here to provide.

We plan to continue expanding our cinematic arsenal, giving YOU the utmost in freedom and versatility when it comes to choosing the components YOU need to build YOUR perfect shooting kit, and for the most managable prices, too! We want to ensure you have the best possible experience when in the field, and encourage — as well as welcome — feedback and suggestions, which we will listen to and read, take in and consider, and use to make your job easier, and more productive.

So why not give us a go? We look forward to hearing from you!

— The Cinebug Team